I never got it.
I mean all the Christian chicks were saying it and all the Christian guys hated it.
Mostly because we didn’t know what the hell it meant.
I remember I wanted to date this girl Stephanie SO bad.
(Name has been changed to protect the ease of the make out)
“Now Carlos, she wants to date you but make sure you guard her heart.”
I’d always reply with…”OF COURSE!” and then figure out how to make out by hour 4 of the first date.
When I would attend the Campus Crusade For Christ meetings I would hear it ALL the time.
And I never knew of anyone who could accurately describe what this guarding actual looked like.
This was the closest thing I could find…


Electric fences. Guard dogs. Snipers.
Yea. No.

I get it. Who wants to be crushed.
But I think that we are going about it the wrong way.
The time to guard your heart is BEFORE you get into a relationship.
Cause let me tell you, the books may say that he or she is gonna wait for the guard to take a vacation, but it’s probably not gonna happen.
In order to experience the truth of relational bliss you actually have to GIVE your heart.
Not guard it.

You have to open your chest wide, expose all the nerve endings inside of you, and be ready to either find the fullness of the satisfaction of true love or the burial of utter and total rejection.
And let me tell you, both of those make you truly alive as opposed to existing.

So open up your chest, past any aspect of self, close your eyes, sprint, feel the wind rushing past your heart, and when you finally find him or her…
You will curse me for the heartache before them…
But you will thank me for the truth of the fullness you have found.
And you will never find it with guard dogs and snipers.
You may find a safe existing love, but you really don’t want that.

Be Alive In Your Search.
Feel It All.
It’s better that way.
I’d love your thoughts…
Fire The Guard Dog.