She stood at the top of the platform looking straight at me.
Fear gripped her.
And I’ll be honest, it gripped me too because I was the one who put her in that harness, and you should have seen how many clips and loops there were.
I did my best square knot.
“Hey!¬† You’ve done this before!¬† Take a step and fly!” I so bravely declared.
“But daddy.¬† Mommy was here last time.¬† Not you. I’m scared‚Ķ”

To this my heart raced down my chest into my stomach and then sprinted back up to my throat.
But while normally it would stay in my throat it continued past into my soul…which must live behind my eyeballs because they shot out in tears.

I turned away for what seemed like 2 minutes but had to be less than 4 seconds.
In 4 seconds I processed this…

1.¬† She needed me more than I knew at that moment.¬† As parents we exist sometimes in our own realities of our children’s needs.
Ask Them.  They will tell you.
2.  Just because they have done it once, does not make it any easier the second time.
Just go look in the mirror and then call your worst enemy and ask their forgiveness.
That is your zip-line.
3.¬† She needed to hear her dad say one thing‚Ķ”Do you trust me? Yea?¬† Then fly baby. I’ll run underneath you the whole way.”
OK.  That was 4 things…
To that I put my phone down.
The one I was going to document this feat with.
She closed her eyes.
No.  She clenched her eyes.
Then right as she stepped off she opened then WIDE open staring at me.
Making sure I wasn’t full of shit.
I wasn’t.
I was right there.
She smiled.
And she flew.

All of this happened in about 25 seconds.
And it changed me forever.

Take 25 seconds today and look into the soul of your child.
They just might be telling you something.