Rihanna is my crush.
Chris Brown beat Rihanna.
Rihanna was in the crowd at the GRAMMY Awards.
Chris Brown danced at the GRAMMY Awards.
Rihanna then sang at the GRAMMY Awards.
Chris Brown then won a GRAMMY Award.
Rihanna was shown celebrating every award on camera from her seat at the GRAMMY Awards.
Chris Brown then did another song on the GRAMMY Awards.

And I was left wondering…
How many people were disturbed at The GRAMMY’s choice to showcase so much of Chris Brown.
How was Rihanna feeling about all the Chris Brown?
I’ll let you know how I felt.
Then you can let me know how you felt.
Chris Brown is a great entertainer.
He actually was amazing.
The GRAMMY Awards are not a morality award show.
Chris Brown deserved to dance, sing, and get an award.
Rihanna was BRAVE.
She had strength in her eyes.
It could not have been easy.
It made me crush on her more.

The reality is that a stage and an industry built for fame was quicker to forgive Chris Brown than most stages and communities built for Christ were.
It’s not my job to forget, but it is my job to forgive and not place a label on Chris Brown.
Chris Brown may have once been a woman beater…
But that does not mean he will always be one.
Junkie: Labels Lie

What are your thoughts?
Could Chris Brown sing on your church stage this coming Sunday?
Is Chris Brown forever a woman beater? Maybe just a recovered one?
Talk Ragamuffins…