Satisfaction is a mystery.
We think he is constant but yet he shifts.
Once you let his fingers surround you the euphoria is fantastic.
You close your eyes, feel the warmth, and hang on tight to the feeling he gave you.

But then after a little while you realize you feel a cold breeze, open your eyes, and Satisfaction has shifted.
He’s no longer holding you.
So you chase him.
When you find him you look around and grab onto something nearby.
A car.
A pair of jeans.
A retweet.
Because honestly anything will satisfy as long as you are in Satisfactions reach.
You hang on again, close your eyes, feel the warmth, only to open your eyes again and let go of that desire to chase down satisfaction again.

I’ve been offline for a week.
Giving satisfaction in anything other than Christ alone a big fat read between the lines.
Finding satisfaction in twitter, blogs, labels, friendships, ideals, religion, and yourself is what keeps satisfaction elusive.
It’s only after you have been abandoned by Satisfaction 242332 times that you realize Satisfaction was never even there.

Charles Spurgeon puts is brilliantly…
“The bed of earthly enjoyment is shorter than that a man
can stretch himself on it, and the covering narrower than that he
can wrap himself in it.”
That would be like me trying to find rest in Losiah’s toddler bed with toddler sheets.

Satisfaction is waiting for you only in one place.
“In Jesus there is room for imagination’s utmost stretch
and widest range. When Jesus is enjoyed, He puts a fullness
into all other mercies.”

So today ragamuffins…
Stop chasing Satisfaction.
It’s not even Satisfaction you are chasing.
You are chasing Satisfaction’s manipulative codependent little brother.
Satisfaction is in Christ alone.
You can stop running now.