When the 5 year old crawled on top of me at 4:30 this morning it pretty much felt like someone had just taken him out of the microwave.
The kid was burning up.
“Hey buddy?  You ok?  Daddy’s got you.”
“I know this daddy.  That’s why I came. You make me feel less sick.”
Out of the mouths of babes…

Losiah didn’t crawl up and snuggle next to his new Power Ranger sword.
Losiah didn’t crawl up and snuggle next to the wii.

He came to me.
He found rest.

How quickly we, as adult followers of Christ, forget this simple concept and try and find refuge in crap.

The kid is not an idiot.  He came to dad.
I will drop everything and hold him and scratch his back and give him medicine and rock him to sleep.
Your job, your car, your porn, your food, your books, your Power Ranger sword won’t do that for you.
Only your Father will.

He’s waiting…