There is a problem.
The typical thought is that in order to be successful in ministry you must be an extrovert.
When hiring for “leadership” positions extroverts usually get the nod.
Introverts have suddenly become second class citizens in the church leadership world.
Loud, brash, and sometimes obnoxious get the nod.
Quiet, shy, and sensitive are often placed in rooms where they can council people and not lead masses.
I think it is important to have extroverts in places where they need to be but sometimes I think we confuse where those places are.
Susan Cain in her book QUIET says this, “Introversion — along with its cousins sensitivity, seriousness, and shyness — is now a second-class personality trait, somewhere between a disappointment and a pathology.”
I think this is true in the church as well.
Mother Teresa created a movement of love not through her words but through her actions.
Rosa Parks was not a loud, bold, brash woman who stood up for injustice with a iron will.
Her obituaries said he was “soft spoken, small in stature, timid and shy but with the courage of a lion”.

I think we need to hear from the timid and courageous ones.
I think we need to follow in the steps of the quiet yet bold ones.

Is being an introvert looked down upon in the church?
Are you an introvert being forced to exist as an extrovert in the church?
Who are some great examples of introverts who have led well in the church?
Speak up ragamuffins.
Yes…even you introverts…