I spend Tuesday nights and Saturdays in Blake’s shop learning the art, and I mean art, of Carpentry.
Blake is one of the most gifted builders I know and also one of my closest friends.  He builds stuff out of reclaimed old barn wood and makes you wanna slap your mama.
These are walls and a corner shelf for a showroom I helped him build out of the barnwood…

So under Blake’s tutelage I have been building walls, chests, book shelves and last night we were working on a display that will go in the church.
I was minding my own business when the mama queen wasp decided to land on my neck and make sweet love to me.

A few lessons learned.

1.  When learning to do something new , be sure that the thing you think will make you lose focus will not be the thing.  It will come up from behind you
2.  Pain from the tiniest of stings can evoke a reaction similar to being shot.  I mean I looked like I got shot!!!
3.  When proclaiming to the world that you got shot or stung or hurt or whatever, or to Blake in my case, and they don’t give a crap, just then proclaim your new truth…
That sucks.
And move on.
4.  If you feel the need to curse, make it soft enough to where there is still some semblance of doubt as to if you actually cursed.
5.  Let the pain pass, and keep drilling.  Or cutting.  Or preaching.  Or studying.  Or loving.  Or whatever it is you are called to do.

Have you ever been stung?
Have you ever seen someone so overreact to a sting as I?
Any other lessons learned?