Most people think that in order to start a movement you must gather a group of people and convince them that what you are saying is worthy of a uniting.
The truth is that a movement must first begin within the heart of an individual.
And that individual must believe it.
I have this life statement.

To ignite a movement among all generations of Christians that disturbs and disrupts the evangelical church into a place of seeing Christ’s face fresh again.

Never has it been more true to me than it is right now.
I am in a season of bringing light to darkness in my marriage, fatherhood, spiritual life, and physical life.
I am being disturbed and disrupted in my ethos like I have never been before by a wife who is grace with skin on, children who are pure untainted love, and friends who are the unselfish kindess of Christ alone.
It is addicting. You should try it sometime.
I am seeing Christ’s face fresh again.
I would almost lose the word “again”.
It’s that new to me.
So I have this box of shirts.
I’ve had it for a long time.
Not wanting people to wear it until I truly understood it.
And I do now.
So feel free to sport one if you dare.
It will bring conversation.
It will unite us as messy Ragamuffins.
It will force you to admit you have the soul of a ragamuffin and are no better than the next.
Can you handle the swag of that truth?

I’ll ship them out starting Monday!!!