The concept of BE STILL is something that our children will not understand.
I consider myself blessed to have made it all the way to 6th grade before Nintendo released the GameBoy.
At that singular moment…STILL was gone.
I had to endure miles and miles of road trips from Atlanta to Los Angeles trapped with my little brother in the back seat of the Buick Regal with nothing but the open road and my imagination to keep me entertained.
And Stillness.
I remember having epiphanies on those trips.
As a 7 year old I remember having a greater understanding of who I was than I do as a 37 year old.
The stillness is now gone.
And I fear it is gone for the 7 year olds as well.
To be forced to wait until Saturday morning to watch Captain Caveman forced stillness.
Now kids can grab their parents phone and watch what they want when they want on Netflix.
The stillness is now gone.
The only way to gain it back it seems, is to be forced to be still.
Be it sickness or crisis…stillness is now associated with bad.

I think this pains the heart of God.
He intended Stillness to be a gift.
Not a curse.
Because there is so much to see in stillness.
Imagine with me this.
A bottle of water filled with dirt.
Shake that thing.
You cannot see through it.
Now stop shaking it.
Set it down.
Let it be still.
Watch it clear out.
Watch the dust settle.
And in moments…
Has Brought…

I am in a season of stillness.
And in the clarity of watching the dust settle I see things that i despise.
And these things need fixing.
And guess what?
If I never would have stopped…been still…I never would have had the opportunity to see the clarity God has for me in His stillness.

So as hard as it is…
I ask each of you to stop spinning for a moment…
And see what your spinning has been hiding.
You may see something that is more beautiful than you ever dreamed.
Or you may see something you need to take a sledge hammer to.
But you won’t see it until you are still.
Be Still.