When I was in HighSchool I remember the moment.
The moment that it all changed.
It was not at home.
It was not at school.
It was not at the pool.
it was when I was downtown Atlanta on a missions trip and I saw for the first time the face of someone that needed something more than a hug from me.
They needed hope.
And that hope was in the name of Jesus.
I’m excited that today I have the opportunity to direct you guys towards an amazing organization called Adventures In Missions.
They partner with youth to take them into places that need the face of Jesus.
And today, for you, they are giving away a trip for FREE.
Adventures in Missions is providing a trip for one person to go on a missions trip this summer for free. Trips go to both urban and rural locations like Chicago, Appalachia and New Orleans.
So the first TEN student groups that sign up to go on a trip with them get to bring one student for FREE.
Stipulations can be found here.
But more importantly, let this amazing organization handle your trip for you so that you can focus on the needs of the people.
Make sure you mention my name when calling so you get your deal.
My name is Carlos Enrique Whittaker by the way.

When was the last missions trip you went on?