If you aren’t on it…well my dads on it…He’s 70.
It’s the way we make our lives look more interesting.
It’s Slick.  Sexy.  Sheik (chic but I needed an “S”)
It provides just the right filters to make our otherwise filterless lives…

We capture moments.  Scroll through the filters.  Choose one that makes the moment POP.  Then share it.
The filter I use most is called Lo-fi.
It makes the darks darker and the colors fuller.
We capture these moments in order to make them prettier.
When I scroll back through my Instagram feed I smile.
But it’s missing so much.
Real Life.
It’s missing that I made the 8 year old pose 4 times for the pic because she was closer to Satan in that moment than Jesus.
It’s missing the fact that I had massive panic attack only an hour earlier.
It’s missing the fact that the latte I just took a picture of actually tasted like crap.
It’s missing truth.

Our lives are kinda like Instagram.
We live every second of every day.
We live the highs and lows.
We live the mundane in between.
And we live trying to have Instagram moments.
Because they are beautiful.
Nothing wrong with that.
We should be just as intentional with the mundane and bad moments as we are with the good ones.
Because in 5 years…
She won’t remember that when I took her 9 year old self camping…
It was 100 degrees, miserable, she was scared of raccoons, couldn’t sleep, rocks under my back, lost the pancake mix, didn’t catch a fish, I wanted to go home the whole time, she was sad because I yelled at her for putting the last log in the fire.
No.  In 5 years the 14 year old will remember one thing…
That her dad took her camping.
Her Instagram moment.
Wrapped in real life.
So stop trying so hard to live a perfect life worth capturing on film for the world.
Just live your imperfect life and let those most important to you capture it in their hearts.

It’s better that way…