I started leading worship and leading a creative process in the church 13 years ago.
Holy Crap.
I wish I knew then what I know now…

1.  The less money you have, the more creative you can be.
2.  Glasses, hipster wardrobe, tattoos, and Apple products have nothing to do with creativity.  They actually now have to do with lack of originality.
3.  Have someone outside of your church watch and critique your work.  They don’t have an agenda.
4.  Go to church somewhere besides the church you work at at least once a quarter.
5.  Stop trying to be an expert in your creative area.  Instead become a case study in your creative area that experts are studying.
6.  The people who come to your church, they want to hear about Jesus more than see your lights and music show.
7.  The more expensive the church conference, the more defeated I will be if I try to pull off at my church what they pulled off at theirs.
8.  You need to train the next generation not only to do your job, but to teach someone to do your job.
9.  Don’t try to outdo the video “cool church of the moment” just posted on Vimeo.  Try and outdo Steven freaking Spielberg.
10.  Hustle over Handout.  #Everytime.
11.  Be proud of your work but always remember this… Your humanity is much more interesting than your vanity.

Keep the list going…