Everyone was pissed.
I mean everyone.
But who wouldn’t be?
It was 6:15am this morning at Nashville International Airport.
The parking lot bus driver was pissed.
The lady in front of me at the security line was pissed.
The TSA workers were pissed.
The man yelling at his wife on his cell phone in the bathroom was pissed.
By the time I got to my gate, I was pissed.
Not because I had anything to be pissed about.
Just because apparently Nashville was pissed this morning.
Then I walked over to get some juice for my flight.
Sophia was working behind the counter.
“Good morning sir! It’s a wonderful day! What can I get for you today?”
“Um, Sophia? Before I tell you what I want to drink, can you tell me something?”
“Most certainly!”
“Can you tell me where to get whatever joy you have this morning? Because It’s early and I’m tired and everyone in this airport is the opposite of you.”
“Of course! I have Jesus in my heart. That is the only thing I need to find joy!”

Enter feeling like a complete idiot.

“Of course. That is a great reason to have joy.” I said with my tail tucked between my legs.
She handed me my juice and bid me farewell with her beautiful smile.
I turned around and she yelled…
“Sir! I’ll pray you have a wonderful flight filled with joy!”
5 minutes later as I was boarding I was handed this by the gate agent.

My upgrade to first class.

Thanks Sophia for your little shout out to the big upgrade agent in the sky…
And thanks for reminding me where to find my joy.