When you believe IN Jesus Christ you get a few things.
You get heaven.
You get the Bible.
You get Jesus.
You get God.

It’s that word IN.
That’s what scares me about what I am hearing.
Because the truth is, once you believe IN something…
And you GET something because of that belief…
You can at that point stop.

Let’s take the word IN out of the sentence “I believe IN Jesus Christ.”

I believe Jesus Christ.
Now everything changes.
Now you get heaven, the Bible, Jesus, God, healing, sanctification, grace, forgiveness, hope, purpose, love, desire, salvation, songs, stories, love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, self-control…and on and on.

Do you see it?

That tiny word is the difference between acquiring heaven while living a hell on earth OR acquiring the complete goodness of Jesus and living satisfied in His love DAILY while pursuing His calling during your life here on earth.

It is something I am seeing so many in the church stop at.
They stop at IN and don’t receive the fullness of the life Jesus Christ intended them to have.

So today ragamuffins…
Those of us who are the outcasts and sinners in need of massive grace…
Let’s stop believing IN Jesus and simply start believing Jesus.
It’s better that way.