1. Invisible Fences – Move. Walk to the bass player… Walk to the drummer. Walk to the left and right side of the stage… Step outside the 2×2 invisible fence around your mic stand.
2. Blindfolds – Eye contact is important if you are to take people on a journey from point A to point B. Of course we can close our eyes at times, but if you are able, look at the people you are leading.  You can worship God with your eyes open. I promise. 🙂
3. The Emo – Nehemiah 8:10 says The joy of the Lord is my strength. Joy. Strength. Of’course there are times to be serious, focused, and still. But for the love… Smile. Laugh. Show the people you are leading that heaven isn’t gonna be so serious. Cause they won’t wanna go.
4. Weekend Singers – Just cause you can make it on American Idol does not mean that you can lead worship. If you can’t trust them to say a few sentences between songs, get them off the stage. Lots of people can do a run, not many people can with humility, journey with a congregation to the throne of God.
5. Music Stands – When heads are down, it is an automatic disconnect with the room. It’s that simple.

What would you add or take away?