There is not better feeling than getting rescued.
In order to be rescued you have to be in a situation where you need rescue.
The truth is that we all need rescue.
Some of us have figured out well enough how to duct tape the holes in our rafts so we keep floating for a long time.
We believe that this is us rescuing ourselves.
This actually is nothing more than a lame version of self help.
We will continue to float in the waters of insecurity while keeping our egos filled with our hole patching skills.
What the self helpers in the world do not know is that rescue is getting you your of the boat, out of the waters, and onto dry land where there is a party waiting for you.
So today, Saturday, whatever your need is…
Stop trying to fix it yourself and ask God to rescue you and place you on the shore where the truth of his goodness is waiting.
It’s better that way.