[A spokesperson from Bishop Long’s church said this was about honoring a man of God and not making him a king.
OK.  Fair.
A bit of advice to you pastors out there…
If in your Sunday planning meeting the idea of lifting you up and walking around stage with you comes up…
Probably should say…”Thanks kenny for that idea. Anyone have something else?]

Anything that gives us satisfaction above Christ is an idol.
There is something just plain horrifying about that truth.
For me, I have crafted idols out of virtually everything.
We are living in a day and age where creating idols out of those who simply want to show us the face of Christ is almost impossible to stop.
And I don’t point the finger at the messenger.
Well, not most of the messengers.
Most “celebrity” pastors I know are simply and effectively delivering the Good News of Jesus Christ. Humbly I may add.

Listen to the Word of God from Isaiah 44…
“The carpenter measures with a line
and makes an outline with a marker;
he roughs it out with chisels
and marks it with compasses.
He shapes it in human form,
human form in all its glory,
that it may dwell in a shrine.”

WE do this.
WE craft idols into human form.
WE are the carpenters.
And I think it pains the heart of God.
We love to blame others for this idolatry.
We blame magazines, conferences, blogs, twitter, ect.
“Well if they would just stop creating such a celebrity Christian culture” we say.

What a bunch of crap.
WE do this.
Not any of the above listed tools.
The mirror reveals all we need to know about idol building.

I think there is a solution.
Start reading the Bible.
Read it more than you listen to his or her podcast.
Read it more than you read his or her book on biblical leadership.

Let’s continue to the end of Isaiah 44…
verse 22…
“I have swept away your offenses like a cloud,
your sins like the morning mist.
Return to me,
for I have redeemed you.”

Just like that.
That easy.
God will allow us to drop our idols and return to Him.
The more we spend reading the Word of God the more it will be obvious that to idolize man may be the stupidest form of idolatry ever.
So my recommendation on how to stop this form of idolatry is simple.
Look in the mirror and read the Word of God.
Paraphrase for those of you who didn’t get it…
Stop blaming others and sit in the ocean of God’s love for you.
I promise you will stop idolizing man at that point.

You will slowly stop being impressed by man and begin to be overwhelmed by the love, mercy, and grace of God.