There comes a moment in your life when you learn how to give grace.
This normally comes the moment you are given grace yourself.
Crazy how that works.
You can always tell the people who have been shown no grace in their life.
They make your life hell when you are looking for it.
Picking you off like a sniper.
At this moment, you have a choice…
A.  Pick up your sniper rifle and wait for them to turn around and pick them off…
B. Keep walking towards Christ and away from their fire.
This does not equate to not getting hit.
It just equates to them having to shoot you from farther and farther away as opposed to you giving them a target from 5 feet away because you decided you wanted to walk back towards them and fight.
The choice should be clear.
But our humanity gets in the way.
So quite simply today…
Keep your eyes focused on the grace of Jesus and walking towards that and the bullets will slowly lose their strength and reach.
It’s better that way.