It’s been over 2 years since I’ve had new music.
And the onslaught begins today.
We will be throwing singles at you pretty regularly.
Please share this link with your friends and let’s show the world that middle aged, balding fathers of 3 can still achieve their dreams!

In The Arms is a song about finding your rest with Christ alone.
As you see on the cover art… my father is one sexy looking Panamanian.
That stache rules for days.
And to be honest…
That day, when I was 11 and had the Tiger Woods and Pete Sampras juvenile look on lock down, up until today in my 30’s, my dad, Fermin Whittaker has been one of the safest places I can go to.
Still in his arms I find freedom and rest.
The arms of Jesus multiply that love by 100000. I don’t even comprehend how. But He does.
So yes.
I hope you enjoy and thanks again friends.
I truly consider you friends…

Here is the link I’d love for you to share.

Here are the chord charts for you to play it every Sunday for the next year… 😉
In The Arms Chord Chart
In The Arms Number Chart

Again.  Thanks for all your support.
You guys are proof that even a broken sinner like me can still find a place in this world.