When I was 27 and the worship pastor in SoCal I met a hero of my faith in the lobby of a convention center right after he gave a keynote talk.
I had filled about 8 pages of notes from his talk.
It was amazing.
In that lobby in front of my friends and his daughter he belittled me about a mistake I had made.
Then he walked off.

I remember wanting to cry.
I remember wanting to vomit.
I remember thinking he was right.
I remember knowing he was right.
I remember going home crushed.
I remember that 15 second interaction staying with me for months.

I was just some guy at a conference.
1 of 100’s.

Where I used to harbor anger towards that moment I now thank God for that moment.
You see I had somehow equated being a pastor of a large church to not being human.
And now that I have worked in some of the largest churches in the country and have spoken at some of the biggest conferences in the country I know I have given some people those moments as well.
I have brushed them off or cut them off or looked past them while they were looking into me.
I even had a guy a few months ago tell me that I disrespected him at a conference about a year ago.
I had no idea.

The moments we are given will last a moment for us but could last months for another.
Good moments and bad moments.
They stick.

So this week…
EVERYTHING you say sticks.
And EVERYTHING you say has influence.
Be it the attitude you give the cashier at Wendy’s, the promise you know you can’t keep you give to your daughter, or the dismissal of a story someone has been waiting to tell you for weeks.
Every moment matters.

Oh.  And to be fair, I deserved the attitude I got that day.
But don’t we all?