1.  I do it all the time.  And addressing “haters” that you or your ministry have does nothing more than refuel and celebrate your those who are opposed to you.
2.  Being jealous of someone else’s ministry does 2 things.
a.  It shows God you are unthankful for the ministry He has for you.
b.  It shows the people you minister to that there are others more valuable to minister to than them.
3.  God isn’t going to be as pleased by your amazing sermon, your unreal new worship song, or your 4500 retweets as He will when you simply take time to walk with Him.
4.  Your addiction to your closet sin (gossip, pornography, deceit, alcoholism, cats, ect.) will only be fixed by God centered devotion.  Not anything else.
5.  20 people attending your church and hearing about Jesus > 1000 people coming to your church and learning how to have a better marriage.

It’s better that way.