I tell people it feels like my eyeballs are about 2 inches farther back in my head.
Like I’m seeing things through 4 inch thick glass.
My hands and legs are weaker.
Sometimes dizzy.
My heart will palpitate…skip a beat or double beat.
My hands will shake a bit and my mind will race.
Then I close my eyes…
Breathe in through my nose and out through my mouth…
And remind myself that anxiety may be able to borrow my body for a moment but it can’t have my spirit.
This is what it’s like for a man in his 30’s who has suffered with anxiety symptoms for 10 years.
This happens in phases.
Sometimes daily.  Sometimes weekly.  Sometimes months will go by without an episode.
But it is very real.
And I know it is very real for many of you.
Anxiety and depression is one of the churches dirty little secrets.
People pop their little white seratonin balancing pills without telling anyone because of fear that they will be looked down upon.
I’m here to tell you that my Paxil a day has kept the doctor away.
That and exercise and eating well.
But I’m not crazy…
I’m not faithless…
I’m Carlos.  And I suffer from anxiety disorder.

How has anxiety and depression affected your life or the life of someone you love?