[photo: daybreakpics.com]

Yesterday dozens, hundreds, even thousands of people showed up at our churches all around the world.
They sat in rows and and watched and listened as we did the best we can in trying to convince them that Jesus is the TRUTH.
We tried to convince them in different ways.
We tried to convince them through talking to them.
We tried to convince them through singing at them.
We tried to convince them through making them watch our awesome videos.
And then this morning we begin thinking about next Sunday.
And how to talk, sing, and show them Jesus again.
All of this is fantastic.
But I hardly believe that someone is going to become a disciple of Christ because of what we pull off on Sundays.
I’m thinking it is going to take Monday through Saturday as well.
So let’s stop acting like Sunday is game day.
Sunday is an important day.
But I think Wednesday and Thursday are just as important…if not more important.
BE the church and you won’t have to invite them to church.