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A few thoughts…
1. I think there has been a lapse in parenting that has happened in between generations.
Parenting is hard work.
Parenting takes time.
I think technology has caused parents to let things like “family dinners” and “conversations” go away.
And when we stop talking to our kids… they talk to others like this.
2. Suspending these kids isn’t going to do anything.
They need to be in counseling.
3. I’m thinking bus monitors should be closer to ex cons than sweet grandmas.
This poor lady shouldn’t deserve to have to deal with this.
4. Anyone that says she should have stopped it, that she is a grown up, should know that bullying has nothing to do with age, race, or sex.
Bullies look for a weaker victim. They find them and pounce.
5. I believe that these kids are capable of empathy…
I hope someone smarter than I shows them where exactly inside them it is hiding.

What are your thoughts on this horrific event?
Speak up…