Yesterday Seanna, the 8 year old, walked around the corner from the kitchen and yelled…
“SERIOUSLY! Every time I come into a room you guys are on top of each other!”
Then grunted and turned around.
Heather and I laughed and then went back at the make out session.
One thing my kids will not grow up and say is that they did not see their parents emotionally connect.
Be it fighting, laughing, or kissing.
They see it all.
They have seen first hand recklessness.
They have seen first hand renewal.
They have seen first hand rebirth.

They are not just our children we are trying to teach life lessons to.
They are our children who are being taken through the lessons we, as parents, learn about life.

We make out and make up so they can see.
Were your parents affectionate to each other and how has that affected you in adulthood?
Speak up ragamuffins…
Then go grab your spouses butt in front of your kids and listen to them squeal.