As a worship leaders we are cursed when it comes to listening to worship music.
Because we simply cannot listen to the music without critiquing it.
We listen to it all with the ear of “Can or should we play this at our church?”
It’s a mess.
Then, every once in a while we hear a record or song that that question does not even matter.
It doesn’t even matter if you play it at your church or not.
Because when you hit play, you simply smile and enjoy the record.
Songs that take you to a place of joy.
Well I found one that does that.
Let me introduce you to the Andrew Heath Band.
I’ve been playing this in the car the past week or so and the songs are stuck in my head.
And I smile when I sing them.
To me this is always a good sign.
Run is a simple truth that takes the listener from a place of desperation to a place of hope.
Covered By Your Love is a song with a truth in it that takes the topic of surrender and wraps it with melodies that almost force you to do it.

The record is really well produced.
Go give the Andrew Heath band a listen and enjoy what I promise will be a joy filled record.
If you enjoy what you hear… tell your friends and buy it here!

What are some bands we have not heard of that are making great music?