My kids are 3 shades…
Dark Brown, Brown, and Whiteish.
Last Friday when we were walking back from the pool Losiah pulled down his pants, revealed his white butt, and said…”Daddy.  Look.  I got a tan!  I’m gonna look like you!”
In this moment I was both appalled at the pastiness of his white butt and moved by the statement of his heart.
He knows he is adopted.
He knows he is chosen.
He also knows he wants to be like his father.
Even if it’s getting a tan.
I looked at him and said…
“Hey buddy, guess what?”
“What daddy?”
“Your butt is already as white as daddy’s.  So you already look like me…”
To which he died laughing that Elmo laugh.

Today make sure you chase after an attribute of the Father…
Even if it’s as simple as the shade of his heart…