Every time I get a free tshirt at a conference or something I end up giving it away to goodwill.

There are 2 reasons for this.
1.  I wouldn’t be caught dead wearing the LAME design in public.
2.  When I put it on I feel like I am wearing a cardboard box.

Let me spell this out for you in 5 letters. C-H-E-A-P

Why do Christians insist on making cheap tees?  Something is broken if your ministry spends money on anything that doesn’t serve it’s purpose.  If you create a custom t-shirt that doesn’t get worn you are wasting your ministry’s money. Period.

It’s time to make a change and I found someone who bucks the trend…
Meet my friends at AMB3R.com. AMB3R creates fashion inspired, custom t-shirts that feel and look amazing by aligning your tees with market trends. They not only increase profits, but also improve wearability which makes your marketing dollars go much farther.

Google “cheap tshirts”.  Go ahead.  Now you decide.

Now you don’t have to guess. Trust me Ragamuffins. These guys will not only win over your business, but they will be your tshirt provider for years to come.

Head over to AMB3R’s website and tell them I sent you. They are offering free shipping to anyone that mentions me in the comments field of their new project form on the homepage. Order your shirts and come back to thank me for the look and feel of the shirts.

What is your current favorite TSHIRT on the planet and why?
Tell us in the comments and tweet @AMB3Rtshirts with hash-tag #ragamuffin to qualify for a free t-shirt upgrade raffle on any projects started in June and completed by August 1st.