We were driving down Ashlan Ave. in Fresno California when Heather said…
“Um.  Carlos.  The hood of your car is bubbling.”
Yup.  The paint on the hood of my ’94 Honda Accord was actually blistering and boiling.
Then the smoke.
Pulled into the strip mall and sprinted into the 7Eleven to grab a fire extinguisher.
Came back outside and gave the hood of my car a bath .
Fire Engines.  Cops.  A Burnt Car.

The problem wasn’t the fire.
The problem was actually the wear and tear that occurred to my poor Honda the months before the fire.
If I would have taken better care of the car before the fire then we would not have had a fire.

Our relationships are the same.
The maintenance that we put into them will prevent explosions and boiling heads from taking place.
Oil those bad boys.
Make sure that you are not running them into the ground.
Tune them up.
Then you won’t have to sprint into 7Eleven anytime soon and scream that your life is on fire.

Have you ever had a relationship blow up because of poor maintenance?.