Yesterday was 104 degrees in Nashville.
I was leading worship at my home church in Nashville.
We had crushed the 9 am service.
The 10:30 service was trending towards revival.
And when I walked out for the 12pm service it was HOT.
I was tired.
There were like 23 people sitting in the pews.
At that moment I knew I had a choice.
I could coast and they would not know the difference…
Or I could pray.
So I prayed this.
“Dear Lord.  Make these songs new to me.  Make them fresh.  I know I have sung How He Loves 1343214123 times in my life, but someone in this service has never heard it.  All these people are at church for the first time today and possibly the last time ever. Push me past my weakness”
So I walked out there and went harder than I had the last 2 service.
The room of course filled up.
People sang.
People connected.
I was BEAT.
After the service a couple came up to me with tears in their eyes and told me they are having one of the darkest weeks of their lives.
When I said that God meets you in the darkest of dark and dirtiest of dirty places and calls you new, pure, and loved it changed everything for them.
I prayed with them and walked away knowing one thing.
God does not call us to lead out of our “feelings”
He calls us to lead out of “obedience”.
And when we do that.
Lives change.

What is your experience in ministering out of your own weakness?
It’s better that way.