Ever since moving to the land of twang and CCM I have been sneezing, barely breathing, and complaining all day that I’m allergic to this town.
The benefits far outweigh the curses yet I knew I had to fix it.
So insurance less, I bit the bullet and went yesterday to the Allergy and Asthma Specialists of Middle TN.
Doctor Overalt took one listen to my breathless lungs and said… Yup, you’ve got asthma.
I’ve never had asthma in my life so this is all new to me.
He explained what it is and how much it sucks but David Beckham and Billy Joel have it so I should be fine.
I asked him if I suck on my inhaler enough will I acquire the body of David Beckham or Billy Joel?
That’s important.
Next the nurse walked in with the “Allergy Test”
Which can I tell you… is a box of 40 or so needles that she supposedly would scratch (STICK) on (IN) my back.
These were the pollens and molds and animal junk that make people look like Will Smith on Hitch.
About 2 minutes after she stuck me I started to hear whispers behind me…
The whispers grew louder…
Then Doc Oversomething came up to me and said…
“Wow son.  I mean.  Wow.  In my 15 years of this practice I can honestly say I’ve only seen 5 people more allergic than you to the trees and grass here.  Would you mind if I call in my nurse team and office staff to see this?”
Great.  How appropriate.
So in they marched with a chorus of oohs and ahhhs.
I turned around.
“So where should I move?”
“Son.  You could move to Antarctica and I think you would be allergic to the ice.”

Every type of tree, grass, mold, dust, and redneck.
D,F,and G are trees and grass.
I’m allergic to them all.
But luckily with the right dose of meds and awareness I can get my allergies and asthma under control.

On the drive home I got to thinking…
This is so true of my spiritual life.
I am allergic to this world.
I can try and try to be of this world but I keep running back to God with another allergic reaction.
He pumps his love meds in us and we get better only to walk back out into the pollution and get spiritually asthmatic again.

In order for me to breathe right in this city I must avoid certain irritants and take my inhaler daily.
The spiritual significance in that statement are too many to list.

We all know what specific physical and spiritual allergies we have.

For me it’s ragweed, grass, trees, worry, lust, and depression.
What are your physical and spiritual allergies?