“Hey Losiah. In Korea, when a child loses a tooth, they throw it on top of the house so that the new tooth chases the old tooth and grows upwards. A little bird comes and takes it and brings good luck. Would you like to throw your tooth on the roof?”

With zero pause whatsoever…

“No daddy.”
“Why son? It sounds like fun!”
“Cause we live in Nashville daddy.”

I mean you can’t say I’m not trying to make sure he’s still got the Seoul in his Soul.

So I wake up this morning with Losiah in his obligatory position.
One skinny leg draped across my torso and an arm draped across my pie hole.
Only this morning I felt him rubbing a piece of paper across my face.

“Dude. Stop it. Daddy’s still sleeping”

“I know daddy. But the tooth fairy brought me 10 dollars. TEN DOLLARS!”
The tone of his voice was also saying one more thing…
God Bless America

What’s a tooth go for in your town?
How bout when you were growing up?