Flew through a thunderstorm to get home.
Landed in pouring rain.
Gate was closed because of thunder so we were stuck on the tarmac.
After 30 minutes got towed in.
Got to baggage claim.
No bags were being pulled off planes because of lightning.
Sat another hour.
Got my bag.
Drove home.
Power was out on my block.
Pulled into driveway.
Went to unlock front door.
Screen door was locked.
Climbed through soaking wet bushes to tap on window to wake up wife.
She opened door.
No power = No AC.
One kid was already in my bed.
Another kid was on the floor next to my bed.

I couldn’t help but laugh.
If this was a movie no one would believe it.
As I was standing in my doorway I said out loud…
“When the power kicks back on is this place gonna light up like a Christmas tree?”
Literally 3 seconds after I said it…
Let there be light.
And air.

As I was laying in bed contemplating my evening it hit me…

The only thing missing last night in my home was power.
It had everything else.
My kids.  My wife.  Their cat.
But it was missing power and it was almost miserable.

How many times do we get so close to accepting the power of God in our lives only to stop short and fail to realize how much better the light, power, and wind of God is.

The power of God in our lives will allow us to see and feel Him in ways we never imagined.
You just have to flip the switch.

It’s better that way.