For 15 years I worked full time on some of the most creative church staffs on the planet.
My last “church job” was as the Service Program Director at NorthPoint’s Buckhead Church in Atlanta GA.
I oversaw everything on Sundays that an adult would experience from the cops in the parking lot to the rock on the stage.
Working with Jeff Henderson and Andy Stanley on the weekly creative and Sunday environments for adults was literally one of the best experiences of my life.
The systems and strategies I absorbed have changed the way I do everything I do.

In my Creative Coaching course I take what I learned at Northpoint, Sandals Church, and even my time on the creative team for Catalyst Conferences and pour it back into YOU.
Instead of “picking my brain” over coffee let me simply just pour it all into you over a month.

The next session starts soon!
Email me at for details and fill out the application here.┬áLet me give you what I think can take your churches Sunday environments to the next level…

Read Micah’s detailed review on his blog and take a look bleow at some video reviews!

Hope you can join me!!
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