This morning on our way to Waffle House I was already stressed at the day at hand.
We are in Panama City and I woke up to the realization that I screwed up my schedule leaving some others in a bind, the wifi in the hotel isn’t working, my checking account is -$16, and I still had sand in my ear from the day before.
“What’s wrong daddy? You look sad.”
Losiah is either a prophet or I’m really bad at hiding my emotions.
“It’s ok buddy. It’s just grown up problems” I replied.
“I undwestand daddy. I have kid pwoblems too but we are at the beach! So I make them go away!”

Really kid?
A problem is a problem.
He lost his Power Ranger sword and I lost a consulting job.
Apples to Apples.
I realized that he gets it.
Life sucks for me = Life sucks for him.

So I did just that.
I decided to take control of my emo soul and head to the Waffle House thankful for what I have.
It’s so much.
And it’s never that leadership book I’m reading that straightens me out.
It’s a kid.

When was the last time a kid straightened you out?