I’m not a preacher.
I don’t claim to be one.
It’s so easy to sit in the pews and offer advice to those preaching.
Acting like we know what’s best and stuff.
But what the heck…
So I will.

1. If you are a young pastor preaching to adults, leave the “marriage lessons learned in life stuff” to a minimum and stick with “marriage lessons learned through scripture”.
The 45 year old couple on the verge of divorce needs Jesus’ advice on marriage more than what has worked for you in your 3 months of marriage. Not that your 3 months isn’t valuable…it’s just… well, 3 months.

2. When you are a middle aged preacher preaching to young adults don’t try to be as hip as they are.
They don’t expect you to be them and when you try, it’s just plain unnerving.
Give them the 45 year old version of yourself. And be proud to be 45 so they are too when they turn 45.

3. If you are a soon to be or retired pastor preaching to anyone and everyone…
Do whatever the hell you want, because you deserve it and we probably need to hear it anyways.
Unless you are Pat Robertson of course.
In that case please stop talking.

Now don’t worry.
We will offer you Monday Morning Worship Leaders a shot to give advice later this week.
I know you are chomping at the bit

Ok. You’re turn.
What is some advice to preachers you would give from the pews?