Most church staff or volunteers can’t afford to take time off work or travel to some of the bigger conferences across the country.
I’m bringing the content I teach on to you.
And I’m bringing a Night of Worship to you.

Introducing the Ragamuffin Revival.
A day of teaching on 2 things…

The Theology of Creativity
– Innovation
– Examination
– Disturbing and Disrupting

The Practical Aspects of Creative Ministry
– How to run effective creative meetings.
– How to deal with primadonna band members.
– Systems and strategies to streamline your creative process
– What I have learned from my time on the leadership team at Buckhead Church (Northpoint City Campus) and some of the other amazing ministries I get to work alongside with.

After these 2 sessions we will have a night of worship where your creative teams and bands can take a night off while I bring my team for a night of ministry.

These can be stand alone events or tied into me leading worship on a Sunday as well.

And the beauty of it is that we would invite other churches in your area to come and embrace each other in a day focused on the global church.

I did a beta test in San Angelo TX last week and it was incredible.
To see churches from all over the city come together for learning and worship.
So pray about bringing this to your city in the fall.
Im looking to take it to 12 or so cities.
For information you can email:
or hit me up on twitter @loswhit

So excited for this next season with you guys!!!