I’ve heard it said…”Sometimes life throws you a curve ball”.
I can’t even hit a freaking slow pitch 4th grade girls softball.
I’m waiting for life to put itself on a tee and let me crush a double into left field.
Let’s face it.
After reading through yesterdays prayer requests some of you guys aren’t facing curve balls…
You are facing the ball being hurled out of a rocket launcher from the pitchers mound.
And then some of you are getting hit by every missile launched from the pitchers mound.
You aren’t even getting a chance to swing.
After reading through the comments yesterday I got pissed.
I looked straight up and literally said…
“What the hell God?”
After waiting a moment to be struck by lightening and then sent to hell I remembered God doesn’t send people to hell for cussing at Him.
He actually answers them.

“Carlitos.” God said with His Mexican accent. No seriously. He speaks Spanish.
“I know it seems unfair. And guess what. IT IS! This world isn’t where things are fair. This world is only a split second in your eternity. This world is literally a breath in your lifetime of breaths you will spend with me. I love you and everyone suffering more than you can comprehend and the fact that many of you curse me in your pain does not phase me. I just wrap my arms around you tighter so that when you come out of your pain you will know I had you. Every second. I got you Carlitos. I do.”

And so I realized then that although I may not feel His arms wrap around me in my moment of pain and suffering, it’s because He already had them around me in the first place.

Sorry Satan.
Even in my “What the hell?” moment, I got a piece of heaven…