My wife just left with my kids in a car to drive 25 hours to Wyoming.
She literally decided she was going to do this 2 days ago.
She does this all the time.
Something is wrong with her.
But that is for another day.

I would have loved to go but with the short notice I could not rearrange all the work I have so here I sit, a bachelor in Nashville.
I could if I wanted to, right now in my empty condo, set my browser to private viewing and check out some paid actors and actresses having sex while a director is directing them yet wanting me to believe it is somehow a home movie.
I could also go buy a 6 pack tonight and drink more than I know my wife would want me to.
Cause I’m a sinner and a man.
It’s a lethal combination.
Pretty close to a sinner and a woman.
Just a shade of grey less.
Yes I just said that.
Sorry Jon
So I have to be intentional with my focus and pursuit of holiness so that when temptation arises, I can kick it in the face then break it’s neck like Jason Bourne would.

Here are 7 things I do when the family leaves me alone with the cat.

1.  Stay in the Word of God
To put it simply…The word of God for me is like turning the Holy Spirit’s Garth Brooks mic up to 10 with a little feedback as well.
The more time I spend in God’s word the louder the Holy spirit gets when temptation arises.
And for me I can’t just read the Bible like a book.
I didn’t get a 790 on my SAT for no reason.
I need help.
So I use Bible studies and podcasts.  Beth Moore, Pete Wilson and Matt Chandler pretty much are the ones leading me through the Word of God on a daily basis…

2.  Adopt a family
My Nashville adoptive family are The  Bergstrums.
I am they and they are I.
So like tonight…
Instead of hanging out with Riggins the cat in my condo, I’ll watch the Olympics with a family as crazy as mine.

3.  Stay in the Word of God.
Oh.  Did I say that already?

4.  Have a plan of connectivity with your spouse.
Heather and I are horrible on the phone.
Like we suck.
We fight, we don’t pay attention and have conversations with other people while on the phone with each other.
We text.  Truths.
One of the things I began doing a few months ago is texting Heather a TRUTH a day as to what God is teaching me.
It helps her know a few things.
a.  I’m in the Word.
b.  I want to invite her into my intimacy with God.
Oh. And it makes her want me. 🙂

5.  Stay in the Word.

6.  Let your community know you are a bachelor and you will end up with more invites to poker nights and bad action movies than you can handle.
Already my evenings are filling up from one simple tweet about my bachelor life.

7.  Read the Bible.
See how I did that?
Snuck that in right past you.
No seriously…
Psalms 119:11 wasn’t like a theory or an idea or something.
It is truth.
I have hidden your word in my heart that I might not sin against you.
Psalm 119:11

So this list isn’t exhaustive.
It also isn’t magic.
But as my dad used to say…
“If you fail to plan, then, well, your lazy.  Stop being lazy kid.”

What are some hedges you place around yourself to keep your eyes gazing at God while you glance at temptations around you?