Paul.  John the Baptist.  King David.  Jesus.
Crazed street corner preacher.
Adulterer and Murderer.
Homeless man with a tribe of rowdy men.

So many times we read scripture like a blind man with gloves.
We are already blind to so much inside of scripture yet we put on gloves and it’s impossible to read the brail.
When we take the gloves off and start to feel the passages roll under our fingertips, start looking at the intricacies of the character and personality of those in scripture things begin to blow you mind…

If Osama Bin Laden had repented and turned to Jesus it would look a lot like the Apostle Paul’s life.

John the Baptist probably was more like my friend Danny than any preacher I’ve met in a church building.

Jesus’ life was basically a traveling hippie commune of homeless people preaching love and getting into trouble.

I don’t have a point to this ramble other than wondering what my life would look like if I was a bit more wild and brash as opposed to strategic and safe.
I think it would look a lot more like the life of Jesus than it currently does.

I think all of our lives would.

So today, let’s make one decision that looks a bit more like Jesus than safe religion.
Like calling the person you hate the most and dropping a love bomb on them.
Maybe calling your pastor and telling them you are going to quit your banker job to go work for the local church.
Maybe walking into a whorehouse and turning the place upside-down while you rescue those in bondage.

I don’t know what your decision will be today.
I don’t know what mine will be yet.
But I do know one thing…
If even 5 of us do that today, we are closer to revival than we were 5 minutes ago.

Let’s go crazy for a bit…
How can we take our gloves off?