This Sunday in churches across the America and the globe…

Fat gluttonous pastors will get up on stage and talk about living like Jesus.

Worship leaders who masturbated to pornography just hours earlier will get on stage and lead people in worshipping God through music in amazing ways.

Sunday School teachers who are sleeping with their husbands best friend will be teaching our kids about Jesus walking on water.

Administrative pastors who are using church tithes for way too many weekend getaways will be counting the offering.

Youth pastors who will have visited “professional escorts” earlier in the week will be teaching our teens about controlling their lustful desires.

Campus pastors who talk $hi+ about the senior pastor all night will introduce him that morning with love and respect.

And Jesus will show up and change the lives of many in spite of our best attempts to screw up our own.


Of course I’m not talking about YOUR church.  It’s obviously the other church.

The church is the perfect bride of Christ made up of imperfect people.

And the imperfection isn’t just sitting in the pews.

It’s standing on the stages as well.


The moment that we begin to see the church as a place for Christ to lead ALL to repentance as opposed to leaders leading a flock to repentance, in that moment… Revival will begin to take place.


In the ruthlessness of our humanity there is hope for His divinity…