In the sweet bermuda shorts is my friend Charles.
The cat with the killer socks is my friend Leeland.
And the childhood Obama look alike in the middle is yours truly.

This is one of my favorite pictures on the planet.
Because is shows TRUTH.
3 childhood best friends without a care in the world.

None of us knew that one of us would one day be convicted of 1st degree murder.
None of us knew that one of us would choose to end his life on New Years day 2 years ago while existing on Death Row in some south GA prison.

We didn’t know that stuff then.
Then, we were 7th graders having the time of our lives.

Looking at the 7th grade Leeland that we see in this picture, I’d like to think that there was something that could have been done to prevent the horror of a murder he committed and the eventual suicide that followed.

I blogged a few days ago about my own struggles with mental health.
3000 people around the world die everyday because of suicide.

God’s heart is breaking every 40 seconds.
It’s time for the church to stop burying mental health with “pray harder”.

It’s all around us.
So today, on this day of focus, let’s cut the bull crap.
Let’s call our friends who are struggling with depression and let them know they are not alone.
I’m serious.
Pick up the phone and call them, love them, and pray WITH them not just FOR them.

How has mental health or suicide affected your life?