I keep waiting to wake up one day and have lust and jealousy completely removed from my life.
When I am laying there…still…eyes only half open…I actually believe I’ve won.
Then I sit up, walk to the sink, splash some water on my face and look in the mirror.
Wow. Rough. Man. Did someone beat the crap out of me while I was sleeping?
As the morning progresses it is filled with little skinny arms hugging my waist, torso, and neck…according to height.
There is not an ounce of lust or jealousy inside this Panamanian soul.
Walk to the car, drive to the hipster cafe filled with much skinnier and more beautiful people than I.
The second I open the door jealousy begins to seep in.
These people are freaking beautiful.
Bam. LUST.
I open my laptop and see my twitter feed blowing up with friends of mine planning this epic hangout together and I’m not included in the conversation…
I get an instagram like from a lady with a bit too much cleavage…
LUST rages.

It’s everything we love and hate all wrapped up in one chunk of zesty tasting soon to be shortage of life bacon.
We can’t run from it.
We can’t hide from it.
We must live in it.

So I do what I know I must.
I open up God’s word and start reading and seeing the truth of who Jesus is in my life.
The truth of His overwhelming strength in my life.
The truth of this…
NOTHING is greater and more fulfilling than His love for me.
The more I read the more I remember.
The more I remember the less I keep checking out the hot chick in the really awful high waisted hipster jolts that are so hideous.
The more I read the more I remember to pick up the phone and call those I need to call to tell them to pray for my wicked and sinful soul today cause I’m a hot mess.

The word of God is not magic.
It ACTUALLY and ABSOLUTELY gives you strength far greater than your own.
So quit trying so hard to fight and to live this Christian life.
Give up.
And let God’s word fill you with the truth of His strength in you and through you.

It’s better that way.