When I was in 3rd grade I walked into music class and Mrs. Fruit gave each and every one of us one of these.
We immediately started blowing and waiting for Mrs. Fruit to tell us to shut up.
It was chaos.  It was horrible.
I think the pentagon could get any information out of any foreign spy by just placing them in a room of 3rd graders with recorders.
After about 45 seconds of chaos I specifically remember looking for Mrs. Fruit.
She was gone.
No where in sight.
I took my Gary Coleman parted afro and started making my way around the music room.
She’s not at the piano.
So I walked over to the keyboard station.
Then I looked at the door.
Eye contact.
There she was staring at us through the vertical glass window pane.
The look on her face was priceless.
We made eye contact.  Locked gazes.  She placed her left index finger over her lips while signaling me to “SHHHHHHHHHH”.
Slowly but surely the chaos and wretched sound diminished.
Even 8 year old ears can only handle so much.
When the last of the squeaks has disappeared Mrs. Fruit walked back in the room.
“I’ve given you a gift today.  I’ve given you a tool that will give you the ability to make something beautiful.  But sometimes the only way for you to appreciate the beauty of what is to come, is to experience the devastation of what this tool can create.  That was pretty bad wasn’t it?”

We then went on to learn Mary Had A Little Lamb and owned that tune.

I know I was only 8.
But dearest Mrs. Fruit… I know you did that on purpose.  And I know that 25 of us still remember that moment and the lesson inside of it.
It had nothing to do with a recorder.

God himself gives us a gift.
He gives us tools.
He gives us His word.
He gives us free will.
He gives us skills.
We have an opportunity to create something beautiful from what He has given us.
Or we can create something absolutely horrendous.
And it is not difficult to discern the music we are creating.
If it moves all who hear it towards beauty, it is good.
If it tears apart and makes people run from us, it is bad.

So look at the ripples around you today.
Invite people into the beauty God has give you the tools to create.
It’s better that way…