Today I’m scared of these things…
1. Nobody will like my record.
2. My oldest daughter will stop snuggling with me any day now.
3. My book. I now actually have to WRITE IT.
4. My wife will remember what a hopeless piece of sin I am and forget the whole grace thing.
5. I’ll never overcome my core sin and it will own me forever.

See. These are real fears.
No go ahead. Somebody tell me to just trust Jesus…
Hang on…
OK. Did it.
Crap. Still scared.
I must not be trusting Jesus enough.
I must be human.

You see when you place your total faith and dependency on Jesus, He does not take your fears away.
He is available for them. But He doesn’t do the work of taking them.

1 Peter 5:7 says this…
“Cast all your anxiety on him because he cares for you.”

My fishing pole does not cast on it’s own.
I actually have to cast it.
And when I first started fishing, I was casting that thing everywhere but where it needed to be.
Trees. Branches. Logs. Clothing. Everywhere but where I was aiming.

I see 1 Peter 5:7 exactly like this.
Just because we are casting, doesn’t mean we are hitting our target.
It takes practice.

So today. Cast. Keep casting. You will be able to tell when you landed on Jesus or if you got caught up in a tree limb.

And don’t pray harder. For God’s sake. Just keep casting.