Gabe and I feel as though this first foot forward is a best foot forward for us: we’ve worked long and hard on the record, and we’ve been honest and true to what we believe God has called us to say and do.

On the subject of work, it’s important to us that we have worked hard and long on this. Work, in a very Biblical sense, is worship. In addition, our Dad always used to say, “Boys, the anointing is not a labor saving device; dig the ditch and the Holy Spirit will fill it with water.” We believe that God can breathe upon and establish the work of human hands, and that’s what we are believing for this record: that our work of worship on this recording unto God establishes you, and that the breath and life of God is upon you as you partner with us!

We are believing that your heart will be established in grace as you hear the Gospel in these songs. We are believing that you will be drawn closer to the Lover of your soul as you worship in devotion to these songs. We are believing that you will be inspired and refreshed by the testimony of what God has done and is doing in us, and that you to see the goodness and faithfulness of God in your own life in a greater way.

In Jesus name!

-The Royal Royal