Dear God.
You are in control.
You are sovereign.
This is what the Bible tells me.
This is what the preacher told me on Sunday.
But you see it’s not Sunday.
It’s Thursday.
There isn’t a pew I can sit in today.

Today I simply can’t breathe

Yesterday, today, and tomorrow the checking account is going to look like this so we gotta make the groceries, and gas last…

Today I also can’t drive very far because my back tire looks like this…

And my gas looks like this…

Today my 10 year old daughter cried when I told her I had to work all night and wasn’t coming home…
So that I can buy my asthma medicine, put gas in the car, get a new back tire, and catch the checking account back up.

You see God…
Sunday it all seemed so pretty and had a nice bow on the top of my faith.
Today it looks like someone stepped on it.

So here’s what I’m thinking…

You just continue being You…
The one who gave us another months rent.
The one who delivered a child from Korea to bless my life with.
The one who has continually provided us another month of money to to live on since I decided to work for the global church and not the local one.
The one who miraculously healed my marriage when no one thought it could be.
The one who has blessed me with the 2 most beautiful daughters on the planet.
The one who moved us to Nashville to find a community that has called us family since day one.
The one who rescued my soul from the stench of sin and despair only to wrap your arms of love around it.

Yea.  That you.
You keep being that God and I’ll stop complaining.
Cause I know you never stopped being that God in the first place.

PS.  This post wasn’t written for pity but rather for those of you facing a crappy day.  We all have them.  Just remember the good days on the bad ones.  K?!!!