Every once in a while I run across a company that I think is doing something truly valuable for the church. My friend Mark at videoannouncements.tv is doing just that.
The average church size in America is under 500 people.
And the equipment and skill set to pull of things at a top level are sometimes lacking.
This is where my friends at VideoAnnouncements.tv come in.
Custom video announcements for your services and website.
They have various “anchors” you can choose to do your announcements.

$299 a month.  No Contract.  Full HD.

If you sign up with them by November 10th, you can be up and running with your church’s first announcements by the first of December!

We all love your talented video teams.
But let’s be honest…
Pay them to do more than film on a green screen and get them out to tell the stories God has inside them!
Let my friends at VideoAnnouncements.tv do the dirty work for you.