I’ve read all of the blogs on how to talk to your kids about what happened in CT.
I’ve tried to use some suggestions like… “Try to reassure safety. Say “the school and your teachers are doing everything to keep you safe.”
Well. First of all my kids are homescooled. Like the way I spelled that? I know. It’s Homeskooled.
Moving on…
Every time I have tried to talk to them about guns and safety and what to do if they were ever in a situation like that they didn’t care.
All they wanted to talk about, every time, was why.
Why did the man do that?
Was he crazy?
Was he sad?
Was he mad?

“You know what? Yea. All of that.” I said.
I mean can we just pause and bow to my parenting skills. My parenting savvy…
I seriously thought to myself, “You are useless if that is all they get.”
“You know what kids? His brain was sick. His brain was very sick and he didn’t get the help he needed”
“You mean like you daddy? Like you take your medicine for your heart?” the eldest pointed out.
I know what she meant.
I don’t hide my Paxil from my kids.
They help me find it when I lose the bottle.
They know that I will not get out of bed till noon on days the world seems really dark.
They know my hands shake terribly when my heart starts racing for no reason.
But they see it as a sadness issue.
Which is why she used “heart”.
So beautiful.

They know that mental health problems are real.
They see their dad struggle.

“You know what baby? Yea. Daddy exercises, mommy feeds me healthy food, I go talk to my counselor, and I have people praying for me. All of that helps my sick heart. And some people have REALLY sick hearts. That man, that sick man, his heart was a lot worse. And the most important thing, it is that people know about your sick heart so they can help.”

“I wish he had your medicine daddy. Then maybe…”
“Yea. I know baby.”

I appreciate the lists that help us talk to our kids.
I appreciate the blogs on what not to tell our kids.

But the truth is, your kids are your kids.
You know the best way to approach them with news of evil.
Even if it’s tripping your way to their understanding of this broken world we live in.

So I may not have had all the Wall Street Journal psychologists points down on how to have this talk…
But revealing my brokenness helped them understand the worlds brokenness.