I did this 2 weeks ago and the post was shared over 1k times so I think it is of use.
And I don’t consider myself an expert by any means. I have just been doing this a long time.
So I’m kinda like that community college professor. The one who never really got rich doing what he is good at, but he’s filled with more knowledge on the subject than he knows what to do with.
Welcome to Worship Leader Community College.
So here is the second installment of tips and short bursts of ideas to help you take your worship leading to the next level.

1. All it takes is a touch.
Before every worship set. Before every one of them…
I go to as many people in the seats as I can for a touch. One handshake. One hug. One connecting point.
You will not believe the difference come your set.
When people feel a sense of connection, even just a hello, they remember.
Most of the time they don’t even know I’m the worship leader. They just think I’m a friendly guy who is welcoming them to the church.
I feel almost like I’m working the room because I ;iterally go from person to person.
But I am.
I am working at creating a personal moment so when I walk up on stage everyone in the room when I start the set is thinking, “Hey. Thats the guy who just said hey to me.”
And that connection goes a LONG way in building trust.
And as a worship leader, trust is more important than an amazing voice or fantastic communication skills.
Get out of the green room.
Get into the pews.

2. Let the preacher preach.
I’m a talking worship leader. I believe we all should be.
But don’t go up there and spit out points 2-4 of his message just because you heard it in the first service and think they work well with introducing the songs.

3. A genuine frown is better than a plastic smile.
If you and your wife just had a huge fight on the way to church, if you are grieving a death from the week before, allow your healing to lead.
Don’t act like everything is fantastic.
It’s not.
And it’s ok.
Lead from a place where people can walk alongside you and see the reality of life as you lead as opposed to acting like everything in life is brilliant.

So there you have it.
Class dismissed.